The Brand Lolita Lempicka

Maison de couture since 1984

For Lolita, creating her perfume  was not a simple continuation from design but an artistic attraction to the universe of women. The desire to create a fragrance as an intimate companion.

Perfume is "an ephemmer pleasure "

"I always dreamt the idea of love being fugitive, capturing the crazy happiness of the humour of life A memory awakened by a trace of perfume as generous as the pleasur given."

Lolita Lempicka

Olfactory niverse

 Lolita's childhood was filled with enchanted souvenirs creating the perfume mythical fragrance. Its identity full of garden bouquets, warm pastries, sweet bonbons. A liquorice delight with notes of toasted pralines an aniseed pastels.

The Family

 A story that trenscends from moter to daughters. Infact, her three daughters and her husband  who all tale part of in establishing this family business. Their complete absorbtion and understanding allows them to develop new dreams and projects coherently.


"Fashion, this word make me dream. To realise my childhood dream by creating a fairy tale image ine the modern universe for the woman of today. A refined imaginary universe captured in a romantic perfume."

The Nature

Her sincere relationship to the wild side of nature is at the strong heart od this designer thoughts and expressions. The Lolita Green charter is her absolute signature.

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